I have a design idea for Old Guys Rule. How do I submit it it for consideration?

As you can imagine, we receive an innumerable number of these suggestions on a regular basis.
Therefore, to develop each of these ideas would cause us to lose our focus on developing the Old Guys Rule brand around our customer's core pursuits... 
Hopefully, one of our current designs will appeal to you.
Keep checking back to the website as we update it with new designs, products and ideas, (e.g., blogs, forums, newsletters, etc.) throughout the year.
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    Mike LaCroix

    just come out and say it...you don't want new ideas from customers...tho' I think you should design a shirt for Pool Players

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    Rick Morgan

    You are missing a huge market. Pickleball is the fastest growing short in the US,
    Seniors play Pickleball at every retirement community in the country, It has overtaken
    Tennis and approaching Golf as Number One sport for Seniors.

    Old Guys Rule Pickleball..